Evidence-based Structured Micro-nutrition

"Knowledge", a.k.a. "the truth" as the common ancestor of all nutrients should be the most precious food on earth. We sieved through our curiosity, the information collected via an unwithdrawing scientific endeavour; picked it over with evidence and whisked into a generous amount of ethics. We added our goodwill, baked it up with the heat of compassion, and served the product humbly just to make it accessible for everybody. Your reliance on us, when blended with the benefit offered by EviBase will turn into your future; your healthy, happy and rosy future.


We will be serving for your health and wellbeing in near future.

We proudly inform you that we have recently launched our first structured micro-nutrition product serving the purpose of “nutrition for health” for the preference and benefit of clinicians, pharmacists, dietitions and consumers . Our wish is to put a sustainable effort in designing, producing, improving and providing easy access for efficacious yet safe products indicated for recovery, maintenance and enhancement of human health. EviBase will be dedicated besides offering structured micro-nutrition solutions, on generating and delivering the knowledge of the product to all stakeholders

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Now we are around; in the field of edible health ...

Important Notice: None of the information delivered through this website replaces        scientific and professional advice and directives provided by physicians, pharmacists and dietitians.



The Discoverer and The Poet

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance existing in tea and coca leaves as well as the seeds of cocoa and coffee beans as the most commonly seen plantations, though there are many<a class="moretag" href="https://evibase.com.tr/en/the-discoverer-and-the-poet/">Read More...</a>
By : evibaseadmin | Jul 14, 2021

What does “standardized extract” mean?

Plants have been an important instrument since thousands of years, for human being’s effort to survive and being healthy. Herbs have been in use either as a folkloric medicine or as a<a class="moretag" href="https://evibase.com.tr/en/what-does-standardized-extract-mean/">Read More...</a>
By : evibaseadmin | Jul 13, 2021

Titanium dioxide: Does the fog clear?

We know; similar to medicinal products, foods have potential adverse effects or a state of inefficacy alongside their expected benefits. We can designate the term “side effects” for those unwanted situations and<a class="moretag" href="https://evibase.com.tr/en/titanium-dioxide-does-the-fog-clear/">Read More...</a>
By : evibaseadmin | Jul 13, 2021

The Procedure Secures the Content

Here we aim to share some valuable information about herbal teas without yapping you away. Herbal teas are getting more popular every day. As a spreading alternative for those, who wants to<a class="moretag" href="https://evibase.com.tr/en/the-procedure-secures-the-content/">Read More...</a>
By : evibaseadmin | Jul 13, 2021

Sleeplessness and Nutrition

Sleeplessness is known to be the most prevalent subtype of sleep disorders. Scientific data reveals that one third of global population suffers from sleep disorders at any time; especially in industrialized countries<a class="moretag" href="https://evibase.com.tr/en/1462-2/">Read More...</a>
By : evibaseadmin | Jul 13, 2021

First Do No Harm!

Everyone gets disturbances, in one way of an occurrence or another, which impairs the quality of life; however, it does not mean that we should get concerned about a serious health problem,<a class="moretag" href="https://evibase.com.tr/en/1435-2/">Read More...</a>
By : evibaseadmin | Jul 12, 2021